Sparcraft has been offering carbon masts on various projects in collaboration with Lorima, a Wichard Group company which has equipped for many years IMOCAs, ULTIMS, Megayachts and also industrial projects. Many projects have already been carried out, as standard for the Figaro II and Figaro III, as well as “tailor-made” projects.


⊕ Optimum mechanical properties: rigidity, corrosion resistance,…
⊕ “Durability” : time does not or nearly not alter mechanical performance of carbon;
⊕ Lightness : (volumic density <2) : the gain of section weight can reach up to 30-40 %.
⊕ Weight to inertia ratio, geometry or aerodynamics,…: SC carbon sections have been well designed and carefully expertised according to sophisticated calculating methods;
⊕ Optimising: The manufacturing process aligns a maximum of fibres to the mast axis (UD 0°) and integrates localised loads (selective reinforcement);
⊕ Design & Performance : longitudinal and lateral tapered masthead options


Numerous projects

Bôme Tiscali, Gemini 52′, AVC 78′, Starkel 79′, Solaris 72 ‘, Figaro II et Figaro III, Pegasus 52’ #3,…

The means :

The wide knowledge gained by the Wichard group companies enables us to provide a global conception for the One Off projects. The R&D synergy results in technical solutions adapted to the customer’s needs, with the partnership of Lorima (Lorient), Wichard Group member. Installée à Lorient, Lorima bénéficie de capacités de production dédiées et d’une expérience reconnue dans le domaine du mât carbone, des chantiers «OEM» aux séries IMOCA ou Class Ultim.

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