How to download the Sparcraft catalogue?

The Sparcraft catalog is available for download here: Sparcraft Catalogue

Why proceed to the replacement of your standing rigging ?

Most dismastings occur after the breakage of cables or end fittings/swage. Also, during insurance renewal, replacement of standing rigging is usually requested Learn more See the brochure dedicated to rigging

order a Sparcraft unit mast, a spare part or another Sparcraft product?

order a Sparcraft unit mast, a spare part or another Sparcraft product? All you need to do is get in touch with a Sparcraft reseller. Acced to our Distributors Sparcraft network. However, you will find information on this site which will allow…

How to contact a Sparcraft distributor?

You will find the list of all Sparcraft resellers with their contact details in the “find a reseller” section of the site, or by clicking directly on the following link: Sparcraft distributor network

Do I need to add a bowsprit to use a Code Sail furler?

Tout dépend de la configuration du bateau. Parfois les daviers avancés permettent de se contenter d'un accrochage sur l'amour existant. Mais globalement, l The bowsprit allows the load of the Gennaker halyard to be partly taken over, and…

Halyard gets wrapped round the forestay what shall i do ?

Stop immediately furling the sail in order to avoid any damage. Two possible reasons: the angle formed by the halyard and the forestay is to closed. The geometry pf the top fitting of your furling systems needs to be reviewed in order to…

how to maintain the tracks and cars?

Rinse the Facslide tracks and cars with fresh water only. Never use grease or lubricant on the tracks and cars.