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Sparcraft Rigging DPt assembles and sells quality standing and running riggings. The Sparcraft Rigging Dpt  is based in La Rochelle. A synergy wth the Masts Division allows to offer a mast/rigging package.


The selected parts are manufactured with the best alloys from European origin according to reliable and tested machining and forging methods. The numerous quality controls and a strict traceability placed SPR to the top of the rigging line. 


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Traceability : For Sparcraft-Rigging, your rigging is exclusive. As soon as it is manufactured, we identify its origin.


Fiability : a series of mechanical and chemical tests guarantees the perfect reliability of the raw materials (E.C. standards)


Performance : Our experience in sailing, both in cruising and racing, our judicious advice and the quality of our service ensure an up market service to our clients



Tel. +33 5 46 34 31 27          Fax. +33 5 46 34 22 60

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Rigging Commercial brochure (pdf - 1887Ko)

Standing rigging

  •  Wire rope 
  • Compact strand
  • Rod 

  • Fittings

  • Eye-terminals, ball-term, ball/eye-term, toggle or fork term,       T-term, hookterm, thread-term,...

  •  Eye or ball turnbuckles, toggle or fork turnbuckles, Thread-turnbuckles...

  • Deck Fittings

  • Cups, "T" back plates, pins, strap toggles, jaw toggles,...

  • Lifelines

    Running Rigging

  • Halyards

  • Sheets

  • Spinnaker kits

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