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Sparcraft poles have been proven over millions of miles thanks to simple pole ends and high quality tubes.


Aluminium Spinnaker poles
  •  Anodized tube 6005A T6. Manufactured with
  • high quality aluminium alloy from european origin;
  • Standard & automatic pole ends with anodized

  • fitting & stainless steel mechanism;
  • Automatic pole ends: remote opening:
  • Symetric and asymetrics;

  • Automatic pole ends : remote opening

  • Composite or aluminium ends:
  • Trigger piston end (simple) : ø 36, ø 55, ø 80;
  • Automatic trigger piston end : ø 55, ø 80.
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aluminium Spinnaker poles

Carbon Sinnaker poles


Pre-impregnated processin female mould :

  • Draping according to the local constraints;
  • The baking process in autoclave oven ensures the optimal polymerization;
  • The pre-impregnated draping of the fabrics in a female mould results in a perfectly smooth surface, no need to add any coating.

Rigid and resistant :

  • Great resistance against buckling phenomenon
  • as well as a high rigidity;
  • The establishment of 3D models highlights
  • structural forces;

Light and easy to handle

  • About 50% lighter than an aluminium pole, i.e. a gain of 4,6 Kg for a middlesized 4-meter pole;
  • No international rating handicap.



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© Sparcraft
Carbon Spinnaker poles



Automatic locking device

  • Easy fixation (automatic locking device on deck fixing blocks);
  • Rotating collar captive from the section: removable bowsprit for storage alongside one boat edge


Complete kit including :

  • Aluminium bowsprit with special end fittings : bridle attachment at the front and fixing block device at the back (delivered pre-installed);
  • Adjustable Central fixing collar;
  • Deck fitting blocks and two counter plates
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