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Pre-impregnating high tech process in female mould

Carbon fibres get positioned in the expected direction and therefore the draping according to the local constraints is really well adapted;

• The baking process in autoclave oven ensures the optimal polymerization;

• The pre-impregnated draping of the fabrics in a female mould results in a perfectly smooth surface, no need to

add any coating.

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Light and easy to handle

• a winning carbon / tapered* combination of the section: about 50% lighter than an aluminium pole, i.e. a gain of 4,6 Kg for a middlesized 4-meter pole.

* tapered at one end from 100mm diameter

  • No international rating handicap
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    Reliable device

    • The standard endings are in composite reinforced with fibreglass and the mechanisms in stainless steel (no corrosion). Both are insulated from the tube by a fibreglass ring.

    • Endings fitted with automatic trigger as well as inside and outside control

    • Stainless steel screws are insulated

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    © Sparcraft

    Rigid et resistant

    • Carbon offers a good resistance against buckling phenomenon as well as a high rigidity

    • The establishment of 3D models highlights structural forces

    • The whole range has been optimized after successive mechanical software tests in order to guarantee the longevity of the carbon spinnaker poles

    © B. Stichelbaut

    Perfect Finishing

    • White polyuréthane coat (R.A.L. 9016)

    • Other color on request