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One design range is the category for the large one-design boats series. Widespread in the USA, with boats such as the Etchells 22 or J24, which have also been growing over the last few years in Europe. Sparcraft has a great experience in this area and the brand is renowned for its capacities in this very demanding field.


When it comes to rigging, Sparcraft has for a long time been the favourite partner of classes, skippers, yards and designers, thanks to the correspondence between the various protagonists. One-design mast manufacturing demands the utmost reactivity and meticulousness to guarantee the performance, the equity of the products and the control of costs.


Knowledge of the class rules

Our experience in competition is supported by a team of top regatta racers, helping in developing our “racing” products. The engineers and technicians of our design department have the CAD means to stick to

the customer specification: weight, stress, aerodynamics,...



The most competitive shipyards and racers trust our knowledge, and our policy to talk to the customer to optimize our products: Beneteau25, Dragon, Etchells 22, Figaro Beneteau, J24, J80, J105, J109, Jod 24 & 35, Ideal18, Selection, Sun Fast 3200, Sonar, 747,...




 The Sparcraft Mast in the J80 class
Rigging settings advices - interview 2014 and 2013
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  • J24/J80/J105/J109 class : www.jboats.com/owners/classes
  • Figaro Bénéteau class : www.classefigarobeneteau.fr
  • 8mR class (IEMA) : www.8mr.org
  • Ideal 18 class association : www.shumwaymarine.com/ideal18
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